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Pontevedra Natural Spaces

The province of Pontevedra contains two of Galicia's most important protected spaces. One of the finest is the National Park of the Atlantic Islands, which encompasses the Cíes Isles, as well as the isles of Ons, Cortegada and Sálvora. Fringed by sheer cliffs and sandy beaches, their coasts are the home of thousands of migratory birds. The wealth not only of the wildlife and flora but also of the sea bottom constitutes an ecosystem of inestimable ecological merit.

The Nature Reserve of Monte Aloia in the Serra do Galiñeiro mountain range boasts archaeological remains of great merit, whilst its highest point affords spectacular views over the Miño valley.

The Pontevedra coastline is formed by the Rías Baixas, which are dotted with picturesque fishing villages and highly attractive towns such as Sanxenxo, Vilagarcía de Arousa, O Grove and the island of A Toxa.

Pontevedra and its province offer a wide range of hotel accommodation. Situated inside the historic quarter of the city is the 16th-century "Casa do Barón" a "pazo", or Galician country house, now functioning as a parador. Opposite the Arousa estuary, at the heart of the Rías Baixas, is the Parador de Cambados, housed in the old "Pazo de Batán Barón" (17th century). One of the finest in terms of location is the Parador de Baiona, a walled fortress on the Monterreal peninsula. Finally, the Parador de Tui is a reproduction of a traditional Galician "pazo" in this historical town on the Portuguese border. Commencing in Portugal, the Camino del Norte (northern road) of the ruta jacobea (pilgrim's road to Santiago de Compostela) enters Spain via Tui and crosses the province of Pontevedra from south to north until it reaches Santiago de Compostela.

Parque Natural del Monte Aloya
To the south of Pontevedra, 7 kilometres to the north of the region of Tui, we find this park in a partially mountainous area, composed mainly of granite materials. The River Louro, which flows into the Miño, is situated here. The whole area exhibits great archaeological riches. The natural richness of the park is determined, as far as fauna is concerned, by the presence of mammals such as the fox, the rabbits, the hedgehogs, the partridges, the Eurasian buzzard or the kestrel. Furze, heather or broom abound in the vegetation. This is an area of myths and legends which even today are transmitted by word of mouth.

Parque Nacional de las Islas Atlánticas
Sea refuge in the Rías Baixas (southern coast of Galicia).
Located in the province of Pontevedra, the National Park of the Atlantic islands including the Cíes Islands, and Ons, Cortegada and Sálvora all in the Rías Baixas (southern coast of Galicia).An ecosystem sea-land with an interesting and important colony of sea birds that live on it.
The park has four groups of islands that are distributed between the estuaries of Vigo, Pontevedra and Arousa. Home and shelter to one of the most numerous colonies of seagulls on the Spanish coast and other species such as the shag, cormorant, the common shag, etc.

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