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Alicante Parks

The city is dotted with a variety of leafy, green areas. Among them we find the Panteón de Quijano, Portal de Elche, Plaza de Gabriel Miró and Plaza de Calvo Sotelo, as well as the recently opened La Ereta Park, on the slopes of Mount Benacantil, offering spectacular views of the city and the sea.

However, just one area within the city - Canalejas, located just beyond the Explanada de España - can be considered to acquire the category of park. Canelejas Park contains a monument to the Alicante writer Carlos Arniches. Of particular note are the rubber plants, more than a hundred years old and impressive both for their height and size.

Outlying areas of the city have important areas of parkland, namely, the Parque del Oueste and Parque del Morant, although possibly the most beautiful of all is the Palmeral. Located right next to the sea on the road out of the city to Cartagena, it has an area of 72,000m2, hundreds of palm trees and other native and tropical species, not to mention an extensive leisure area.

Located on Tossal mountain next to the San Fernando Castle, is a theme park occupying an area of 63,000m2. Laid out in terraces, it has spaces for playing mini-golf, bowls and chess, for skating, skateboarding and cyclo-cross as well as for running and walking and for contemplating the marvellous panoramic views.

Canalejas Park
The most remarkable feature of this park located by the sea, a continuation of the Explanada de España, is its collection of gigantic, centenary rubber plants. The entrances to the park are flanked by stone sculptures of lions and dogs, and within you will find a number of small fountains, a surface representation in stone of a map of Spain and a monument to the Alicante writer Carlos Arniches.

The Explanada de España
Is a promenade with four rows of palms set down in gardens that run almost half a kilometre. It is paved with an enormous mosaic of tri-coloured marble composed of 6,600,000 tiles, and with geometric shapes identical to those in the modern harbour square, which is recognisable by its Corinthian capital columns. There is an auditorium at the midpoint of the Explanada for Municipal Band concerts.

Ereta Park
Situated on the slopes of the Benacantil hill, the park is divided into different areas giving the possibility of making a route on foot from Santa Bárbara Castle, on the top of the hill, to the old town enjoying at the same time the wonderful sights of the city and the city walls.

The Panteón de Quijano
Is an enclosed garden dating from the middle of the 19th century. It contains a mausoleum and obelisk dedicated to the memory of the Civil Governor of the city, Trino González de Quijano, who died in heroic circumstances.

El Palmeral
This forest of palm trees overlooking the sea, is located at the southern extremity of the city. In addition to its wide selection of native plant species, waterfalls and lakes, the gardens include some children's play areas.

El Tossal
This is a large entertainment and leisure area that includes a theme park representation of the existing regions of the Valencian Autonomous Community in the form of games. The park also has a selection of sports facilities that includes a football field, athletics stadium, sports pavilion, heated swimming-pool and gymnastics training centre.

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