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Cantabria Museums

Maritim Museum of Cantábrico: Marine Biology and aquariums, fishing ethnography, marine history and naval architecture are the sections that this museum has. We emphasize the collection of skeletons of whales and dolphins that it has.
San Martín de Bajamar, s/n
39004 Santander.
Telephone: 942 274 962 / 942 275 744
Fax: 942 281 068

Municipal Museum of Fine Arts: It contains works of the Italian, Flamenco and Spanish schools of centuries XVII and XVIII, where the " Picture of Fernando VII " of Goya can be emphasized. Also we found sections of numismatist and a room dedicated to the Cantabrian landscape-painters.
Rubio, 6.
39001 Santander.
Telephone: 942 239 485
Fax: 942 239 487

Prehistory and Archaelogy Museum: We can contemplate great amount of prehistoric and archaeological materials of Cantabria. The visit is guided.
Casimiro Sainz, 4.
39003 Santander.
Telephone: 942 207 109
Fax: 942 207 106

Library and Museum-House of Menéndez Pelayo: It has about 42,000 volumes, many of which conserve marginal annotations of their fist and letter.
Rubio, 6.
39001 Santander.
Telephone: 942 234 534

Ethnography Museum of Cantabria: Typical large house of century XVIII. It has great amount of objects and furniture (basically of wood), as well as singular pieces. The visit is guided.
Héroes del Dos de Mayo, s/n.
39600 Muriedas.
Telephone: 942 251 347

Regional Museum of Nature: It makes reference to the diverse present ecosystems in the region. Visit guided for groups.
Casona de Carrejo
39509 Carrejo.
Telephone: 942 701 808

Diocesan Museum "Regina Coeli": It gathers several pieces of policromated medieval and baroque styles and counts on an interesting collection of images of Christ. Also it has a prestigious factory of religious work restoration and the Diocesan Documentary File.
39330 Santillana del Mar.
Telephone: 942 818 004

Altamira Museum and Investigation Centre: Exhibition of didactic character on prehistory and the rock art in Cantabria, that is complemented with a video about Altamira.
39330 Santillana del Mar.
Telephone: 942 818 005
Fax: 942 840 157

Fundation Museum Jesús Otero: Museum dedicated to the local sculptor. It exposes a great number of their works, although in the garden are the sculptures of greater size.
Plaza del Abad Francisco Navarro, s/n.
39330 Santillana del Mar.
Telephone: 942 840 198

Contemporary Art Museum: This museum is in the Casonas del Aguila and the Parra. It exposes contemporary artistic samples of regional, national and international scope.
Plaza Mayor, s/n.
39330 Santillana del Mar.
Telephone: 942 818 398

Casona de los Tagle: One is the particular house of the family in whom all the old furniture is conserved. The visit is guided.
39330 Santillana del Mar.
Telephone: 942 818 141

Museum El Solar: Two exhibitions: One on instruments of torture of the "inquisición" and another one on poisonous animals.
39330 Santillana del Mar.
Telephone: 942 840 273

Contemporary Art Museum of Elsedo: The building (baroque of century XVIII) welcomes pictorial works of century XX and Cantabrian names like Solana, Riancho, Cossío or Maria Blanchard.
39718 Pámanes (Liérganes).
Telephone: 942 528 273

Museum La Casona de Tudanca: It lodges an interesting library with important bibliographical bottoms very asked for by investigators. The visit is guided.
39555 Tudanca.
Telephone: 942 729 025
Fax: 942 729 025

Museum of las Tres Villas Pasiegas: One is a primitive hermitage that reproduces a cabin and that lodges diverse objects and utensils of the daily life of the people.
39685 Vega de Pas.
Telephone: 942 595 077 (Ayto.)

Museum of the Bolos: It shows to the form of wood processing and skittles of the most typical sport of Cantabria.
39730 Beranga.
Telephone: 942 635 031

Museum of La Vijanera: Exhibition with the typical suits used in the last years.
39438 Silió (Molledo).
Telephone: 942 828 211

Etnography Museum of Valderredible: Exhibition of farming and daily utensils of the region of Campoo.
Consultorio Médico, 2ª planta.
39220 Polientes.
Telephone: 908 485 302

Etnography Museum El Pajar: Sample of the life, customs and folclore of the inhabitants of Campoo.
39211 Proaño (Hdad. de Campoo de Suso)
Telephone: 942 753 012

Etnography Museum of the Man and the Ground: Diverse utensils for the traditional processing of the cheese and butter, tools of farming, as well as two interesting collections of cars and yokes.
39699 Barrio Riancho (San Vicente de Toranzo)

Bullfighting Museum of Santander: Sample of diverse bullfighting cloaks, suits of lights, bull heads, posters, etc. In addition you can also see traveling exhibitions related to the world of bullfighting.
C/ Jerónimo Sainz de la Maza s/n
Telephone: 942 341 204

Cartographic Museum Juan de la Cosa: It consists of 30 cartographic works and diverse reproductions in continuous growth. Part of the museum is dedicated to the medieval cartography so you are able to observe the advance of the cartography.
Culture House of Potes
C/ del Sol 20
Telephone: 942 730 812

Roman Road Museum: A series of informative panels with texts and graphics about the Roman Road.

Prehistoric Museum of Puente Viesgo: It offers information about Prehistoric time in Cantabria concretely in Puente Viesgo; it illustrates other natural aspects of the locality like its history, architecture and resources.
Puente Viesgo

Marine Ethnography Museum Ramón Somoza: It shows all type of objects related to the sea.
Pl. Don Pedro Ygareda, s/n
39610 Astillero
Telephone: 942 559 598


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