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Santander City

The city of Santander spreads along a wide bay with a view to the Cantabrian sea Sea , commerce and tourism come together in this city which its origins are based in the Portus Victoriae founded by the romans.

Santander is famous for its beautiful beaches ,like the well known “El Sardinero” which ones of the most beautiful “promenade” of Spain, with buildings like the Gran Casino .”La Plaza de Italia” with its elegants and lively summer terraces and the “Piquío” gardens.

Situated half a way between the sea and the mountain, the gastronomy has a particular mixture of ingredients. From the sea the characteristics “rabas” (fried squids), “bocartes” (kinds of anchovy), and fresh seafood.

The inland offer excellents cow meats and a very tipical dish called “cocido montañés” (cooked beans, meat ,cabbage).

Desserts: “Quesada” (cheese cake) and “sobaos pasiegos” (sponge-cakes made with buttler, flour and eggs)

Nature lovers will find in Cantabria an impressive selection – patrimony of protected areas.Like the following natural parks :

-Parques Naturales de Oyambre
-Parques de Peña Cabarga
-Parques de Saja-Besaya

But the most important one is the natural park of “Los Picos de Europa” being its territory shared by Asturias and Castilla y León.

Another interesting place to visit is the Maritime museum which is located located opposite to the bay of Santander.

This new museum reproduce differents marine environments of the Cantabrian sea ,with its own “flora and fauna”in 16 aquariums which covers an area of 1000 m2. More than 250 species can be contemplated: sharks, octopuses, seabass, monkfish, breams, stars…


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