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Pontevedra Hotels

Parador de Pontevedra
C/ Baron, 19
The Parador de Pontevedra occupies a palace that was formerly the residence of the Counts of Maceda. It rises up in the historical centre of the town and combines regal, noble and stately lines with innumerable references to a rural dream in a setting, which invites you to visit numerous coves and beaches.
Hesperia Isla de La Toja Hotel
Isla de La Toja
The Hesperia Isla de La Toja Hotel is situated in the Pontevedra city. This unique place is ideal for both those who want to relax and for those who are seeking a place for their conventions and events. All the 104 rooms here are well designed and equipped to meet your requirements.
Husa Galicia Palace Hotel Pontevedra

Av. de Vigo, 3
The Galicia Palace Hotel is located in the centre of Pontevedra, capital of the Rias Bajas, in a varied landscape, where splendid beaches and low-lying hills mingle in a town dotted with stone granaries, country houses, monasteries and a particularly attractive old quarter.
Louxo Hotel La Toja
Isla de la Toja
Isla de la Toja
The Louxo Hotel is located in the lovely Isla de Toja, the tourist centre of the Rias Bajas. It has easy access to the cities in the south of the Rias, such as Santiago de Compostela, Vigo, Bayona and La Guardia.
Hesperia Gran Hotel La Toja
Isla de La Toja - Pontevedra
The Gran Hotel Hesperia La Toja is located in the outer city of Pontevedra in Isla de la Toja suburb. Each of the 197 rooms is well furnished keeping in mind your comfort and desires.
Parador de Cambados
P Calzada, s/n
Cambados (Pontevedra)
The Parador de Cambados - Pontevedra Prov is an ancestral mansion located in the green landscape of the Rias Baixas in the Ria de Arousa. It is located in the centre of the small town of Cambados, a short distance from the Isla de la Toxa, and has an attractive inner courtyard in which the arcades, the fountain and a slender palm tree stands out.
Parador de Tui
Avda. Portugal, s/n
Tui (Pontevedra)
The Parador de Tui of the historical town of Tui is on the border with Portugal, faithfully reproduces a rural Galician country house, in a setting with mountains and rivers. This establishment is ideal for sports lovers and for outdoor activities. With its granite walls, Galician chestnut- wood floors, ceilings, beams and staircases, it recreates the decoration of the typical local country houses. It also has a splendid swimming pool and a beautiful garden.
Parador de Baiona

Baiona (Pontevedra)
The Parador de Baiona is located in the Monte Real enclosure, isolated from the town and protected by the sea. Occupying the Monterreal Peninsula, this is one of the most extraordinary Paradores, half medieval fortress and half Galician stately architecture. It rises up as an impressive viewpoint over the ocean, surrounded by a walled enclosure, protected by the sea and flanked by a beautiful pinewood.

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