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Ciudad Real Castles

Castle of Calatrava la Nueva (Aldea del Rey)
This is a Gothic castle with a rose window in its church that should not be missed.
This castle-convent consists of three walled enclosures. In the first wall, oriented towards the south, you find the Gate of the Sun, where the way up to the castle begins. It is a gate made of volcanic stone, like the arches of the cloister. On the main façade the Iron Gate gives access to the fortress and to an area covered by a stonemasonry vault. In the convent, the plasterwork decorating its walls is outstanding. In the church, the most important feature is a Gothic-style rose window. Within the fortress there are also guest quarters and the Field of the Martyrs (cemetery of the Order of Calatrava). Between the hallowed ground and the church is the access to the Castle, which has a library whose walls are entirely of stone to prevent fires.

Castle of Calatrava la Vieja (Carrión de Calatrava)
Of Arab origin.
An important water defence system, combined with walls and walled passageways was included in the construction.
The River Guadiana served as a natural moat for the northern part of the fortress. The rest of the wall was surrounded by a 10-metre deep ditch filled directly with river water. along its 1,500 metres of wall there are 44 quadrangular plan towers and 2 pentagonal shaped ones. It has 2 elbow accesses and 2 'albarrana' towers, standing along, but connected to the walls by arches. The wall area is divided into 2 zones: the Medina and the Citadel. Here the outstanding feature is a Templar apse with a dodecagonal plan which was never completed. The remains of the forge and the vaulted rooms are also interesting.

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