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Ciudad Real Museums

Museo Diocesano
This museum, located in the old Episcopal Palace, displays one of the most important collections of the dioceses' artistic-historic patrimony.
It was inaugurated by Bishop Rafael Torija de la Fuente in 1990. It consists of three rooms, which exhibit images and paintings from between the 13th and 16th centuries, hymn books from the 16th century and liturgical adornments from the 17th and 18th centuries. The second room is dedicated entirely to the baroque style, with works from the 17th century and some from the 18th century.
Calle Caballeros, 7
Ciudad Real (Ciudad Real)

Museo Provincial de Ciudad Real (Provincial Museum)
The house of Hernán Pérez del Pulgar, a noblemen's house from the 15th century, is the setting to this museum.
The town museum presents a complete and important archaeological collection. The exhibits come from sites in the province. As part of this collection there is a Christ carved in ivory. There are also sculptures and paintings by authors from La Mancha such as the painter Manuel López-Villaseñor.
Calle Prado, 4
Ciudad Real (Ciudad Real)

Museo Elisa Cendrero
It is situated in the same building as the Municipal Historical Museum-Archive.
Its rooms house part of the property lent by the Cendrero family, among which the splendid collection of fans from the 17th, 18th and 19th century stand out as well as 19th century paintings.
Calle Toledo, 11
Ciudad Real (Ciudad Real)

Museo Nacional de Teatro
Part of the collection of this museum are the numerous documents about theatre in Spain.
From the 18th century to today, the collection has portraits of actors, models, clothes, sketches of sets and figurines, posters and manuscripts. The visit is a full tour of the history of the theatre in Spain.
Calle Gran Maestre, 2
Almagro (Ciudad Real)

Fundación Gregorio Prieto
Considered to be one of the most important private museums in Castile-La Mancha.
Set in a typical 17th century La Mancha house, since 1987 it has exhibited the pictorial work and heritage donated by Gregorio Prieto. The museum exhibits 3,000 works of art, mainly by Gregorio Prieto, but also including national painters such as Picasso, De Pissis and Vázquez Díaz, and foreign artists. It also possesses a collection of wood carvings from the 17th and 18th century.
Calle Pintor Mendoza, 57
Valdepeñas (Ciudad Real)

Museo del Vino de Valdepeñas (Wine´s museum)
Located in the old wine cellar, it provides information on the history, the physics, the marketing and the cultural aspects surrounding wine production in this region.
A visit to this museum begins with an audio-visual display of ten minutes that summarises the tour. The Museum is divided into six rooms: Room 1: History. Room 2: Physics (audio-visual). Room 3: Marketing. Room 4: Culture, gastronomy and Wine Festivals. Room 5: Audio-visual of culture. Room 6: Stock of wines. The museum includes a visit to the winepress, which is the industrial part of the bodega and to the former Bodega de Leocadio Morales, where there are presses, the cellar containing large earthenware jars and the cave of large earthenware jars. There is also a conference room, a cafeteria and a shop.
Calle Princesa (Antigua Bodega de Leocadio Morales), 39
Valdepeñas (Ciudad Real)

Municipal Museum of Valdepeñas
The museum is located in a 16th century ancestral home. It was reinaugurated in 1999. It houses a collection of work by local painters and an archaeology section. This section shows the remains of findings from “Cerro de las Cabezas”. The first floor of the building exhibits the collected works of the National Plastic Arts Exhibition.
Calle Real, 42
Valdepeñas (Ciudad Real)

Archivo Museo "Don Álvaro de Bazán"
The archive was created in 1948. Its collection comes from the Central Archive of the General Navy Barracks and from the three corresponding to the Straight of Gibraltar, the Cantabrian and the Mediterranean Maritime Areas. Most of the documents date back to before 1784. There is a series of Royal Orders of Cadiz dating back to before 1784 and some files from Ferrol and Cartagena. The most modern archives are from 1936. During 1987 and 1988, computerised lists of the Sections corresponding to the Ministry and Cadiz collections have been produced.
Calle Pradillo, 12
Viso del Marqués (Ciudad Real)


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