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Ibiza Trekking

The biggest island of the Pitiüses, far from the hectic atmosphere of the nightlife, offers a much calmer side, framed by a gentle landscape of relaxed rural beauty.

A magnificent example is the excursion that takes us to the beach of Benirràs, where the sunset illuminates a pathway of dreams. Equally as stunning is the Natural Reservation at ses Salines, which can be reached from the surrounding beaches while enjoying incomparable ecological views, rich in natural wealth.

The visit to Broll turns out to be a complete surprise. An Arabic settlement, hidden among the hills rising from the center of the island and wrapped in vegetation so exuberant as to be atypical of the area, giving the place an exotic quality, worthy of a visit.

Nevertheless, the biggest to attraction for trekkers is the landscape. A splendid example is the trip to Cubells, where magnificent views of Formentera can be enjoyed across the horizon. The ancient route of the smugglers, in the high land of the island (els Amunts), afford the excursionist some very beautiful panoramic views of the Margalides islands dominating the marine landscape.

Almost all the paths which are now used by walkers who travel the most secret corners of Ibiza on foot, were paths previously used by lumberjacks, coal miners or mountain residents who, without knowing it, have facilitated to many the enjoyment of traveling inside the natural and, previously little known heart of the island.

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